Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't don't you... Forget about me

Breakfast club.. great movie.. have that song stuck in my head today.

So, yep, we're back, but getting ready to go again soon to meet with editors and such. In the meantime, we've been catching up on editor phone calls that were missed last week, read through the last of the manuscript subs we were holding, and are currently trying to play catch up with client e-mails and new submissions (yeah, I know, we're not open to 'em, but that doesn't stop writers from sending them).

Rejected around 50 subs today alone and the pile is 4 times that (of which only 2 were subs we okayed reading lol).

Patience, my little beasties, as we will get back to all of our clients by the end of the week. For now, the rest of the day falls to updating our databases and confirming appointments for our trip.

Hope you had a fantastic Fourth and stay literate;)


Hard Working Writer said...

Ha! Exactly why I am waiting until tomorrow to send my query in!
Keep it simple, follow the rules!

Jane Smith said...

Anyone who is considering submitting to this agency should read the Absolute Write thread which you can find here:


As I understand it, this agency has now closed and is no longer operational.