Monday, June 9, 2008

Next time around

Well, my e-mail still has a case of the hiccups. I'm slightly annoyed at having to retype every e-mail because they aren't getting sent, but I think I'll live.

Our list of chapter and manuscript submissions is shrinking ever so slowly, as well as our list of client projects to edit (yippee skippee). Will actually have our editor database updated by the end of today (a first for us in quite awhile). How do I get updates on who's where? Some comes from Publishers Lunch, but most of our updates come from the editors themselves, letting us know they're moving somewhere else or who's getting promotions.

I won't say we're sooo close to being caught up because then something will come up and we'll end up behind again lol. But things are going spiffy, I tell you.

And we already have a good idea what types of books we'll be looking for next submission period, at least in the adult market-- literary, memoir, political non-fiction, and women's. Of course, feel free to send us a sample if it's going to be a bestseller:)

Saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Lots of action and definitely different, but I'm pretty dern sure I liked it.

Stay literate;)

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Jane Smith said...

Anyone who is considering using this agency should read the Absolute Write thread which you can find here:

As I understand it, this agency has now closed and is no longer operational.