Tuesday, May 27, 2008

P & E Anthology is out

Hope everyone's holiday was fantastic. My poor Rockies are suffering through so many injuries (and a huge hit to their pride with that last loss to the Phillies--ouch!).

P & E (Preditors and Editors) has released an anthology of short stories, and you'll find that one of our stellar clients, Alice Loweecey, has been included. Preditors and Editors has always been a wonderful resource for writers who don't feel like getting caught up in a publishing or agency scam (and, hey, isn't that every writer?).

HELP is an anthology of horror, SF and Fantasy from the best talents in the industry. All proceeds from this book will benefit Preditors and Editors defense fund. Some of the contributors are award winning authors such as, Gary Braunbeck, Mark Rainey, Douglas E. Wright and many more...

For more info, or to download or purchase a copy--


Way to go Alice!

Tomorrow's post is about another stellar client, Alan Moss, and his new release that's hitting the shelves.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and stay literate;)

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