Friday, May 23, 2008

Freaky Friday

Ah, so it's been a long week of editing. Even though we're closed to new submissions, there's still a healthy stack left to go through. So what do most agents do over a holiday such as Memorial weekend?

Well, this agent has 5 client projects to get through, then maybe a look at queries if there's time. I will be going to the ball game tonight (hope they win, of course) and I just HAVE to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Seriously can't remember the last time I shelled out that kind of dough to see a movie in the theatre (Cars, me thinks).

Two things I really enjoy-- Guitar Hero and David Cook. Never been much for American Idol, but definitely got hooked this season. #1 he's a rocker. #2 he's from Missouri (a couple hours away from where I grew up). Here's something a little cool, but mostly silly--

Have a wonderful holiday and stay literate;)

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