Monday, May 12, 2008

3 days left

Thats right, folks, only 3 days left to submit your work. We will remain open throughout summer for non-fiction queries, but any fiction queries will be turned away until October.

How goes it thus far? Well, I am behind on my reading, but did manage to make it through a couple more fulls we had requested. Thus far, we've read over 1,000 queries/chapter subs and have signed 2 clients. We're down to 5 manuscript subs left to read and around 80 queries.

Client editing is still a full load. Submission reports started going out and should be done by the end of the weekend (which will be full of work yet again).

So, things will wind down soon, as they always do once we get caught up, and we'll be spending all our time getting any new projects ready and any older projects out to more editors.

Auctions, yes, my little beasties, I will be blogging about those tomorrow (two posts in a row, wowee!).

Stay literate;)

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