Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Take me Out

to the ball game.

Well, first game of the Rockie's season was rained out yesterday (a good thing for us the way the game was shaping up), so Game 1 against the Cardinals is tonight. I really enjoy listening to the game on the radio while I read or edit away. In fact, I used to do much of my writing the same way.

Today has been little beastie free (sure makes for a quiet time) and a good thing because there's plenty of catching up to do. If you're waiting to hear back from us on a query (my stack is over 50) or manuscript (holding at 13 for the moment) or editing project (at least a dozen of those going on), then we thank you for your patience and promise to get to you as soon as humanly possible.

March is done, and 350 rejections later we may have found a potential client or two. BUT we're still searching for the next great literary piece (young adult or adult) and are still looking at women's fiction, historical non-fiction, or political non-fiction.

As always, we're knee deep in follow ups, and the majority of my time today has been talking on the phone or e-mailing editors.

Have a foolish April Fools and stay literate;)

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