Thursday, April 10, 2008

Patience, grasshopper

Yep, even agents get bitten by the impatient bug (that nasty neon green insect that just won't stop buzzing).

I think the biggest difference for an agent (as opposed to a writer) is that we're so busy with a gazillion other things, although I'll freely admit the thoughts are in the back of my mind, in every follow up to the editor and e-mail from the client.

I'm also ready and willing to admit we're behind. Haven't touched a single chapter sub or manuscript (non-client) in almost a week. Today was set aside to play catch up, but things came up. Lots of mark ups and edits going on behind the scenes, and this will be yet another full working weekend in hopes of getting those done (then I'll worry about chapter subs).

On a patience note, as our clients know we made the switch from sending queries via post to 99 % e-mail/phone correspondence in mid-December (some editors still prefer the paper sub).

To give you an idea how slow doing it via post can go, we just received a reply to a query sent November 13 (that's almost 5 months) requesting the full. I am so happy we made the switch.

Stay literate;)

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Eric said...

I salute the agents (and handful of editors) who take email queries and submissions. Thank you for your efforts to drag the publishing industry into the 21st century.

Eric - picture book writer & illustrator