Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I'm all about the earth, but must admit I'm not as green as I'd like to be (and green is my favorite color), so I've decided to go buy some energy efficient light bulbs today. Will also be helping my kids pick up trash after school today.

Today is business as usual. Doing follow-ups for clients yesterday and today so we can send some new submissions out tomorrow and Thursday. How long do we wait to follow-up? Well, our ideal time is 6 weeks for the first follow up, then 3 weeks from there on out. If I know the editor better or am in contact with them often, I might not do a follow up as often because I know they're working on it. And sometimes holidays and editors being out of office get in the way of sticking to the 3 weeks.

My son had his first coach pitch baseball game over the weekend. We lost 27-5, but considering they'd only had 4 practices (darn snow) and the other team was together last year, I think we did pretty spiffy. I almost feel guilty for having such a blast watching them play (when the Rockies miss a play it's just not that cute).

We usually close down the first of May to subs, but we're going to extend it to the 15th because we're still looking. Of course, our next client could be sitting in my pile of manuscript requests. So far we've requested 15 manuscripts and rejected 7.

Get out and enjoy the day if you can, my little beasties, and stay literate;)


mspswi said...

27-5 is not "spiffy," and "spiffy" is not a baseball term. "We held our own through the fourth inning," or "we didn't embarrass ourselves too badly" might work, but you just can't use "spiffy." When your son's on the local high school team he wouldn't want you sitting in the stands telling other fans you hope they play spiffy today.
If an old baseball player can offer a little advice, I'd work on my defense. Keeping the opponents under 20 runs makes the batting practice not as critical.Please keep us updated on how the team is doing.

Phenomenon Books said...

Lol, Buddy!

The best part was they did improve after the first 2 innings (they gave up 18 runs the first 2). Of course, it was the first time they ever played positions and they only had 4 practices before the game because of all the snow-outs.

Defense is definitely critical, especially when the outfielders are more interested in playing in the dirt then fielding the ball lol.