Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chapter Subs--Part Deux

Well, meant to blog yesterday (meant to get oodles of work done yesterday), but the water heater at home sprung a leak, and I ended up playing the role of Plumber's assistant the entire day.

Not only did I learn how to change out a water heater, but I explored the crawl space underneath our home. Oodles of spiders down there and one friendly snake. Needless to say, I'm glad yesterday is over and today is today.

Second part of Monday was spent focusing on chapter subs. We had more come in during Monday (more have come in since and I haven't taken a recent count), so some of those were looked at. We set aside 5 subs out of the initial 106 to look at later this week, and the remaining 101 were rejected.

Now it's back to finishing up client edits on a middle grade work before we move onto other client edits. Am finally nearing the end of the race on client edits (about 3/4 done for now), will have my contact database completely updated by the end of this week, and will hopefully get a chance to start on our short pile of manuscript subs (we haven't requested a full for awhile) tonight.

So, things are looking pretty spiffy in the catching up arena. A good thing because it's about time to start nagging some editors (muwahaha).

Stay literate;)

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