Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

Okay, so it's not exactly midnight (little after 9:30 here), but, yep, still at it for today.

Sent 32 rejections on chapter subs today. I apologize for the impersonal rejection, but I'm wiped out and have another 35 to go through. Down to 10 full subs and half a dozen client projects to do (talk about powering through).

We're back to the drawing board on a couple of projects. Not necessarily a bad thing. We've received some great feedback from editors on these two, so now we're armed with exactly what needs to be done and, in most cases with editors who like a project but had some issues, the editor's willing to take another pass at it once changes are made. Smart writers are constantly learning and improving (same could be said for smart agents too).

Heard through the grapevine that Preditors and Editors is being sued by Publish America. I know nothing about the case, but I do have to say that I think P & E is a great place for writers to learn who's on the up & up and who's just down low, so I wish them the best.

And one of our clients is going to be featured in P &E's anthology that they're doing to raise money. More info on that when the time draws closer.

Stay literate;)

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