Monday, March 10, 2008

Well hello, handsome

Good Monday to all my little beasties. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel regarding my e-mail inbox. Monthly sub reports will be finished up over the next couple days, although most of my wonderful writers are in a holding pattern (so not much really to report other than I love you all).

Sent out a dozen more rejections today. One writer even got downright snippy about the pass, but, hey, makes me cherish my clients all the more.

Turned in the first draft of a non-fiction piece, a few days before deadline even. It's all about boogers and snot and sties and pinkeye. YUM!

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day on the phone. Now that we're close to being settled, I want to check in with some editors I haven't talked to in awhile, and some editors I just don't know yet, but might sub something to in the near future. Have a feeling it might take me the rest of the week to get through all the editors I wanna call (glad I'm a whiz at multitasking).

Stay literate;)

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