Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, here's a brief update on where we're at so far on our submissions.

312 chapter submissions have been read and rejected since March 1st.

32 chapter subs need to be read as of my last update (Friday).

20 full manuscripts have been requested.

11 full manuscripts have been read and rejected, although 1 of these we sent away to make some changes then resubmit.

0 new clients signed.

And just to recap, we're looking for--
Political or historical adult non-fiction.
Adult and Young adult literary.
Adult thrillers/suspense.

A lot of client projects (new and old) are getting reread or edited this week, so it's been a madhouse of reading. More follow-ups will commence tomorrow (oodles of phone calls and e-mails), as well as follow-ups on the follow-ups lol.

Stay literate;)

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