Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rejection, rejection, rejection

Guess what I've been doing most of the morning? Yep, staying caught up with the new submissions coming in (pats self on back). Stopped counting, but I know I sent or e-mailed 23 so far today and we're still at 11 for our full requested.

How long does it take us if we really love your work? Well, it actually differs. I have one project that went the full 10 weeks before we decided to make contact. I have another that the intial sub was sent last week, I asked for the full the next day, and have it set aside to read this weekend. So, in answer, if we're going to sign you it'll either be really fast or really slow lol.

Why? Well, sometimes it's a matter of comparison. Maybe yours was the only Young Adult we requested and we want to compare it to others we ask for. Most times it's a matter of subbing, especially for children's since we have so many great projects out there right now.

A note on rejection. It's tough to take, but even we get down about rejection sometimes. Some rejections are harder for us than others, depending on how far the project went before rejection. Still, rejection is a part of the business and something you have to steel yourself against. Many works have been rejected, only to end up with that same editor after changes were made. Most times, there is that second chance with the editor if they really liked it, but just had some issues.

Have always loved this rejection quote--

"Technically, I didn't get a lot of rejection. While I sent out a blanket letter to more than a dozen agents, I ended up getting the first agent on my list. It just took him a while to respond and in the meantime I was rejected by a half dozen or so agents who were further down my list."

- Michael Connelly

Stay literate;)

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