Friday, March 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Hello, my little beasties, miss me? Finally got internet late Wednesday and have been working to catch up on e-mails.

I did get alot of new submissons read during my offline time. 90 rejections going out this week, and 4 requests for fulls. I'd say at least half of the rejections stem from submitting something we're not looking for.

Still, some I did read because the query was intriguing enough. For the other half, I read the first 10 pages before deciding. We're up to 11 full requests (5 of which I haven't gotten around to requesting yet), so it's on to printing the first 50 pages of the ones I do have. Those will be read over the weekend (I hope), along with 3 or 4 client projects I have on the top of my pile.

Although we have had to resort to a form letter for most rejections, we do personalize some and almost all full requests get feedback.

So, oodles of reading to do and database updates and Monthly reports to send (will be a working weekend for me). Monday starts the crazy catch up on submissions for clients and follow ups.

For now, I must go hunt down some paperclips from somewhere inside one of my boxes lol.

Stay literate;)

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