Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And waiting.

Yeah, yeah, more than 50 rejections sent over the last 2 days and awhile since I've asked for a full. Where are my literary masterpieces (both young adult and adult)? Maybe I'm just extra-particular or picky with literary, maybe 'cuz the ones I represent are so... well... masterpiecyfull.

Today my post is actually a link to another blogger's post. Lazy of me you might say, but I do believe Nathan Bransford is da bomb, and I couldn't sum up the waiting process anywhere near as well as he has in this post--

One thing I do want to add to what he's said is that it seems we always hear/read more about those deals that happen in the blink of an eye, or the deals that go for huge dollars, as opposed to the normal deal that took... like... forever to receive that first offer.

If you're a writer in the same boat as most of my clients (waiting on those full responses), I'll give you some advice free of charge. Try not to think about it, but move on to the next manuscript.

Stay literate;)

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