Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Words, words, words

I know, I know, I was a dirty little pigeon (coo coo) and didn't blog yesterday. And, yep, I love Craig Ferguson (for those who just got the pigeon reference). Not only does he have a beautiful accent, but he's funny and smart. Ever read his book? Good stuff, that. And if you ever get a chance to see his stand-up act live, it's worth shelling out the money.

Received an e-mail couple days ago asking how many words I read in a minute, along with some interesting facts on the subject.

Facts (compliments of Larry)-

If you can read faster than 25,000 words a minute, you can push Howard Berg off his throne as the words fastest reader (according to 1990 Guinness world records).

JFK read at 500 words a minute. The fastest college graduates read about 600 words per minute, but the average literate reader is closer to 120 words per minute.

As for me, I was timed at 652 words. My average was higher in my youth and I'm sure I could read faster if pushed into speed reading mode. I actually read a book on speed reading at the age of 10. Spent my summers mixed with back yard baseball and trips to the library. Was one of those geeks that actually wrote research reports on rainy days when it wasn't required (one of my ideas of fun).

Last time I was tested for IQ (during high school, mind you) I was at 150. Most people wonder why I'm not a rocket science when they learn this. Some people are more left-brained, others right-brained, while I run the line in the middle. I love numbers, logic problems, ciphers (definitely ciphers), but I also love music and art and reading.

Fun fact about me: Last year the folks of Lost came out with a series of 4 puzzles. On the back were 4 pieces of the hatch (it glowed in the dark, how cool is that?) along with a cipher. I was the first known (online at least) to crack the cipher.

So now you know my dirty little secret (shh!). I'm a geek.

Stay literate;)

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