Friday, February 8, 2008

What is Friday all about?

Hello, my little beasties. Thought it might be insightful to give you an idea what a normal Friday is like for me.

I am a creature of habit and oftentimes find myself doing certain things on certain days in my routine, and Friday is no different.

Where do I start? With coffee of course (can't get started without it).

Then I work on any outstanding replies. Might call an editor back or reply to a client e-mail, might have an offer come in that needs immediate attention. I try to get this done first thing so that, hopefully by the time the day comes to a close, I can be square with the most important things in my inbox. Doesn't always turn out that way, but, as most of my clients already know, I am not above or beyond getting back to them on the weekend.

In fact, weekends are a time I spend on editing and reading queries/subs.

I don't generally pitch a new project on Fridays, but I might have a follow up to do with an editor if we've been talking about a project during the week, so that's always second on my list.

Then starts the fun. Editors are constantly moving, assistants get promoted. Fridays are my heavy database day. I record any editor changes from one house to another, add new editors (only in the genres we represent), and make notes on sales for editors on my list for the week. I keep a separate database for each genre we represent, with additional notes on editors who are looking at a project (and for whom). All of this gets printed out each and every Friday.

Then I make notes of upcoming new projects for the next week, followed by projects that need working, and start thumbing through the database to see what would work where. Many times this requires extra research. Just because an editor likes literary work doesn't mean they want literary romance for example. I make notes as I go (who do I call, who do I e-mail) all in preparation for my Monday to come.

This is also the time when I write up any pitches I'll need for Monday, format any manuscripts that need it.

Most times, this work continues through my weekend because, as I'm working on it, other things come up that require attention (e-mails, phone calls, blogging, editing, etc.)

If I don't have much editing to do, then I turn to the endless stream of queries and subs. We aren't open to subs until next month, but we still get a ton (okay, so maybe we get half a ton now, and then a ton once we reopen to them).

I read the query first. If it's not something we're looking for, I reject right away. If it fits with what we're looking for, then I read the first page (sometimes it doesn't even take a full page to know). At that point, it's either rejected or, if it still has potential, it's set aside for after hours reading.

Friday's are also a postal day for me. Whatever needs to go out that can't be put in the mailbox gets done at some point on Friday.

Then I take a deep breath, decide what to take home over the weekend and make my to do list for Monday (which will be added to twice over by the time Monday's done).

Stay literate;)

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