Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update to what we're looking for.

Busy, busy, busy, but eerily quiet at the same time. I have no more nails left to chew, my little beasties, and have taken to climbing the walls.

And I am forever haunted by the word 'proceed.'


(prō sēd′, prə-)
intransitive verb
to advance or go on, esp. after stopping
to go on speaking, esp. after an interruption
to undertake and carry on some action to proceed to eat one's dinner
to move along or be carried on a project that is proceeding well
to take legal action: often with against
to come forth, issue, or arise (from)

Okay, so only one of you are going to get that, but seriously, it was the last word on my lips before I fell asleep last night;)

Found a manga illustrator for a client in need of one (those of you who do manga know places like Tokyopop require you, the writer, to bring your own illustrator to the table).

So, now that we have an illustrator, we're opening our doors to manga. We prefer teen manga that is clean of language. We don't want what's already done, but what needs to be done to entertain.

My day is far from over, so back to it.

Stay literate;)

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