Friday, February 15, 2008

Submissions and such

Well, it's Friday once again. We'll be sorta out of office on Monday, mostly playing catch up to get any subs ready that need formatting, etc. Tuesday is going to be HUGE on follow ups and subs and e-mail and phone calls (oh my!).

Haven't even touched my database today or gotten to Publishers Lunch, so it will be a long night for me.

Besides editing and database and formatting (and reading some new projects) this weekend, I'm determined to put a dent in our submissions. 20 subs left at the moment (not counting the 2 fulls) and I really really want to be done with those and any new ones that come in before March 1. Partly because I like to start with a clean slate every submission period, partly because, last time around, we received almost 100 subs our first week.

Have a spectacular weekend and President's Day. Register to vote, enjoy yourselves, and stay literate;)

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