Friday, February 29, 2008

Peace out

Okay, so they're prying my computer from my fingers. We will be out of office until Monday except for 2 projects in progress (you know who you are). Pictures will be forthcoming as we get everything set up next week.

Since March 1st is at hand, I thought I'd run down what we're looking for one more time---

1. Adult and Young Adult literary works (no heavy romance please).

2. Adult suspense/thriller (in the vein of Lee Child, Patterson, Connelly, Cornwell).

3. Teen manga (especially catering to the tween/teen girl demographic).

4. Political or historical non-fiction (can include memoir or narrative).

Chances of getting us to read anything else are slim to none. We are currently holding 5 manuscripts that I promise to start reading this next week.

See you on the other side and stay literate;)

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