Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning

Read through 15 subs over the weekend. 1 was author info only, so we requested a sample. The other 14 are all rejections.

Had messages this morning, so that was first on the list. Then the usual rounds of initial subs for new projects, followed by additional subs for other projects and follow ups.

Drank some coffee. Read Publishers Lunch (have to stay on top of that one, my little beasties, or else it piles up).

Having a good Monday, actually. Half through my sub list to send today, with only 100 pp of editing to do.

Other than editing over the weekend and reading subs, I read:

Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (not bad, especially considering I'm not much on football).

Black Water and Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates.

Third Degree by Greg Iles.

Yes, I do read fast;)

I've also started my own writing again. Haven't focused on my own work since the agency started, so finding time and getting back to it are both challenging. What works for me? Setting aside the same time each night for my writing, immersing myself in alot of reads in the same genre I'm writing, and music (I have different sets of songs to listen to depending on which chapters I'm writing).

I'm old fashioned in my writing. I cannot work straight into a computer, but use 70 count spiral notebooks (college-ruled) and rollerball pens. The key is to keep up with typing everything into the computer. I once lost the first 20k of a story before it got into the computer (Ouch!)

It actually works well because I do the intial writing for that chapter, go back and reread and make notes (my margins often contain all sorts of scribbles and notes), then do the third edit when I type it in. Let it sit for a day, then print it out and read, then make changes. This process is repeated one chapter at a time. Then, once it's completed I do a final edit. So, five rounds in all.

Of course, sometimes 5 rounds doesn't do it (we all know that), so then it sits for more changes another day.

What do I write? Well, this one is a supernatural thriller with a literary bent. As always, this one's the best thing I've done yet. Like agenting, writing is a learning experience. We grow and evolve from one word to the next.

Stay literate;)

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