Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jon DeCoteau forthcoming novella

The Naked Earth

Forthcoming from Multi-media Publications, LLC

Winner: 2007 Indie Excellence Award in General Fiction

In this modern retelling of Sindbad and The Seven Seas, Evan Khein Al-Mohummad, teasingly called Sindbad by his racist superior officers, specializes in photographing dead bodies for the military in the current Iraq war. Investigating a bizarre double homicide in Al-Basrah, he discovers, piece by piece, that the murder is the beginning of a genocide Western governments knew of and did nothing to stop.

Underworld warlords place the death mark upon him, impeding his investigation at every turn. Despite their efforts, when uncovering his own family’s ties to Iraq during his investigation, Sindbad discovers that Al-Basrah gangsters provided Chemical Ali with the info that led to the annihilation of his family’s ancestral home, Jannah-Ri. Vowing revenge, Sindbad kills a child terrorist who is the son of a gangster, mutilating and beheading him, and losing his own humanity in the process. The event is covered up until God leads Sindbad back to Iraq on a quest of self-discovery and redemption.

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