Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Friday? What?

Nope, I'm not Lost (although I did watch it last night).

Been a busy week of editing and writing new pitches and editing and getting the last of the tax stuff together and editing.

Lol. Did I say I've been editing?

Next week's gonna be heavy for editing as well, then it might actually slow down on that end (just in time for the March rush of submissions).

Since I've been wearing my editor's cap as of late (it's really a red beanie with a yellow propellor that twirls) I thought I'd run down some of the more common things I come across--

# Started to, beginning to. Why say "He started to run." or "He began to run." when you can just say "He ran." The only exception to this would be if the action is going to be interrupted.

# To him or To her. If you're already writing from someone's point of view, then tell us that they think this or that, there's no need for "to him" or "to her." It made no sense to her, should be It made no sense.

# seemed like. Although I'm cool with its use sometimes, I more of the mind that "seemed to" weakens the line. It seemed to swirl. should be It swirled. Make it more definite, stronger.

# For a moment. He stared out the window for a moment, then turned and picked up his phone. should be He stared at the window, then turned and picked up his phone. Again, sometimes its use is okay, but when you want a fast pace, cutting non-essentials like this helps keep it speedy.

As always, The Elements of Style is a useful tool when it comes to edits.

Stay literate;)

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