Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

First I would like to send a great big HAPPY HEART DAY! out to all my little beasties. Whether you're single, married, or dating, I wish you a full heart and at least one or two big smiles (maybe even a guffaw or laugh) today.

One of my more recent clients has introduced me to Skype. Actually love it because it's a great tool for clients to reach me if they happen to have a question or if we need to chat about the progress of their work. It's free, works like a messenger service, but also has phone capabilities (you can call other Skype members for free). Check it out here .

That being said, please e-mail me with your username if you sign up so I can add you and you'll know it's me;)

On to work. Won't be sending any new subs or follow ups until Tuesday (MOnday's President's Day), so I've been catching up on submissions that have come in.

Submissions read today? 9
Submissions rejected today? 9

Would like to comment on one submission I rejected because I do receive a few like it. Instead of sending me material, the author sent me a link to his site. Now, I don't mind this so long as there's a query in the e-mail and the link takes me straight to the material.

Having to spend time finding a writer's work on their site puts me off a bit before I've even had a chance to read it. This also tells me a writer didn't take the time to research us before submitting.

I also replied to a submission today wherein they had e-mailed me the synopsis. No word count, no material. Although I do ask for a synopsis when I read a submission, I don't usually read it unless I'm at the point where I've read the full and want to sign.

Why? Because, especially in the case of a thriller or suspense, I want to see exactly how much you can fool me as to what's going to happen. I'm one who would rather not be spoiled plot-wise.

At the moment, we've asked for only 2 fulls so far this year out of more than 100 submissions. Never know, I still have 16 more submissions to look through (as of today).

Stay literate;)

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