Tuesday, February 19, 2008


No, my little beasties, I am not a pirate today. Just a tad tired and a wee bit cranky.

Have an advance that's late, did follow ups and half were out of office today (where is everyone? I wanna come too). Did some new subs and read, read, read.

20 subs rejected over the past 2 days.
GASP! 2 requested manuscripts (that makes 4, me thinks)

15 subs left at this moment (not counting fulls), so I gained a ground of 5 lol.

Just goes to show, though, that a good piece of work can get past the "this is what we're taking and only this" barrier. Got a sub today for a Young Adult. No guarantees we'll sign it, but it was great enough and fun enough to grab my attention (whenever an agent has an initial sub list in mind off 3 chapters, that's a good start).

DOUBLE GASP! That'll be another full I ask for. Methinks I must have saved some of the best subs for last (actually, I kinda have a habit of doing that).

Alas, I have no words of wisdom for you today. Have a terrific Tuesday.

Stay literate;)

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