Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What are we looking for?

Although we aren't officially open to new submissions, we are still receiving oodles of them. For those that read here, we will open to new submissions as of March 1st.

Rule number one when submitting your work is to do your research. Learn what agents are looking for. In our case, we take a wide range of projects, but are only currently looking for two things--

#1- Adult literary fiction.

Now I have to say this up front. We have 4 literary writers and they are AMAZING, so you have your work cut out for you. One plus is we're open to just about any type of literary work. No romance (elements of romance are fine, but don't overload it).

#2- Commercial thriller/suspense.

Here again, we have some particularly AWESOME clients (more than 4, and in a wide range of genres). I could spend the whole day telling you who and what we have, so I'll save you some time and tell you exactly what we're looking for. Lee Child, James Grippando, Michael Connelly.

We have 8 slots left open to last us the whole year (that's the plan, Stan), so hit me with your best shot, my little beasties.

Stay literate;)

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