Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Not sure why, but I have been in to watching the Primary these days. I think it's wonderful that so many more people are coming out to vote.

Been up to my usual fare. E-mailing, phoning, subbing. In fact, most of our clients are in the waiting game right now. Have edits to do on a couple projects and a few new projects coming our way soon.

Some of you beasties are still submitting even though we're closed. We were sending everyone away until March sight unseen, but I've started peeking ( I love to peek). One thing that gets me every time is a writer who doesn't properly address the query (I am so not "Dear Sir or Madame," have never been addressed thus in my entire life).

Jury's still out on a few potential clients. 6 manuscripts, 2 slots, you do the math;)

Not too long, then I can submit a sale to Publisher's Lunch (yay!) and tell everyone a bit more about the project.

Stay literate;)

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