Monday, January 28, 2008

Manic Monday

I do hereby promise to soon return to deal points and such.

(BIG YAWN) But today I am just so sleepy. Finished Duma Key (for those who live on another planet, that's Stephen King's latest) in the span of a couple days, way into the wee hours of the morning. How appropriate that Edgar Freemantle paints sunsets, because I was able to watch the sun rise on my second day of reading.

Not because I had stayed up that late reading (finished it at 3 am), but because I was so thoroughly spooked I simply could not--would not-- close my eyes. But this is more of a subtle spooky you feel, the subtle spooky that has you closing the book and telling you everything's fine, it wasn't really that scary.

Then you swear you just heard something in the rustle of the wind. Or maybe a shadow passed in the corner of your eyesight.

One thing must definitely be said for Duma Key--King is a Lost fan and it shows through. Just a couple parallels--

1- Some losties gain special abilities from the island (Locke can walk, Desmond sees the future) and some people on Duma Key gain special abilities (Wireman's telepathic abilities, Edgar's paintings).

2- Charley the lawn jockey, the twins, are both like the black smoke on the Lost island.

I bet the lostophiles are poring over Duma Key right now, searching for clues. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in there.

On a different note, anyone hear the news? Rumors are flying that The New Kids on the Block might be reuniting. Brings back memories, and a schoolgirl giggle or two.

Stay literate, my little beasties;)

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