Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a Brand New Day

Hello and Happy New Year, my little beasties!

Well, today has been crazy insane as expected, but boy did I miss all this fun while on vacation.

Our literary prayers have been answered, and we snagged both literary works we were looking at. Other than a couple potential clients who may or may not come in February/March, we're finished.

We will not be seeking any Young Adult submissions during our next reading period (March-May), BUT if you do send some incredible YA our way, we just might send you away and have you come back in October.

We will be open to Adult, namely hard-edged thrillers, literary, horror (think less blood and gore), and suspense.

I'm back to the grind, but will return tonight or in the AM to post some info on advances: how they work, how to get paid, etc.

Stay literate;)

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