Monday, January 14, 2008

Going it Alone Part 1

It's been a busy day as usual, and still plenty to do, so I'm going to briefly cover stuff. Actually turned down an offer this last week. Just wasn't right for the client (this was a mutual decision on both mine and his part) and we feel perfectly fine about it. The work is still out there, and I'm sure something better is going to come along.

On to the promised Going it Alone stuff--

Okay, let's say you're going the publishing route without an agent. Before you even get to this point, I'd strongly urge anyone to read up on publishing contracts, do their homework on who likes what, how to write an effective pitch, etc. There are plenty of great books out there to help you along these lines. The Marshall Plan is informative, Richard Curtis' How to Be Your Own Literary Agent goes into the contract and the process he uses when looking for writers.

Now let's say you're already at the point where an editor is interested in your work (you submitted already, you met an editor at a conference). The phone has rung, or e-mail has been sent, and they want to sign you. Yay you!

Now, take a deep breath, then make sure you have 2 important batches of info-- the deal points and format, price point, and estimated initial print run for your work.

Will be back tomorrow to run down what deal points are and why it's important to know price point, format, and initial print run.

Stay literate;)

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