Monday, January 7, 2008

Get Lost

That's right, my little beasties, Lost is returning January 31st (about time). Don't even get me started on all my theories (I am a lostophile, a geek of the Lostdom). I will say, What's up with the millisecond flash on Charlie Pace in the trailer? And the New York skyline reflected in the water?

Okay, that's enough, otherwise I'll be here all day lol. All I can say is I love the show, love Locke, and Ben should eat someone's liver with a can of farva beans and a nice chianti;)

So, it's Monday. Filled some requests, caught up with some editors, put some more subs out there. Still lots of work to do before I call it a day.

We're taking all the -Under consideration- off our site because at this point 95% of our clients are or will be sitting at 1-3 editors. In fact, many of our clients are in a holding pattern, which means we can't do anything but wait for a response or offer to come in.

What will we be doing with all our free time? Why, getting that other 5% out there of course.

Stay literate;)

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