Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Our internet has been giving us trouble all week, but we're finally back in the saddle again!

Remember those 6 manuscripts we had left? Well, we're passing on 5 and still contemplating the final one. Goes to show that just because we have slots open doesn't mean we'll take anything. In fact, the bulk of these were pretty darn good, just not in line with what we want to fill our opening slots with.

Lots of catching up to do today now that we're in tune with our online world once again. Finishing up edits late into the night (with a brief respite to watch the debates) and I so need to make my to do list for tomorrow.

Despite being behind, things are starting to wind down from crazy insane to just crazy (crazy is good, I like crazy). We will spend the next few blog posts talking about educational information when it comes to agenting (as opposed to our popping eyeballs and internet problems) and focusing on things to look for when you're going it without an agent.

Stay literate, my little beasties;)

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