Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the 12th Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me--- oodles of requested material to send out (hey, I'll take it).

Doing the last of my follow ups today, will finish up initial submissions over the next two days, might call a potential client about starting marketing the first of January. What am I going to do with myself once that's done?

Start on my pile of queries and manuscripts I've asked to see, my little beasties. So, if you've sent something my way, like, ages ago, look for that reply to come soon.

Why do we close down to subs until March? Quite simply, it takes me that long to go through all of the queries and material I request, sign new clients and get them on their way. By the time I finish the last reply, it's time for me to take queries once again.

I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule this time around, so I MIGHT open up in February (depends on how good those requested fulls are, hence how many new clients we sign). I can say the Young Adult is slim pickings for us. We simply have sooo many great clients producing new stuff to market.

What can you submit to me even though we're closed to subs? A beautifully put together literary story, though I'm not keen on literary romance. We already have a work somewhat similar to Lovely Bones, but could handle another like it. How about some real thrills?

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