Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday, Monday

Yep, Monday, Monday. Finished negotiating the deal points for one contract, did some initial subs for a new client, talked to a potential client. All in a day's work.

Now that our submission period is closed (gotta wait til March my little beasties), I can start plowing through the ones I haven't read yet and start deciding on who to sign, who to ask for fulls, and who must be sadly rejected.

Yes, we spent the first few months sending personal rejections. Like most agents, we are now too busy to do this, yet I wish I had the time. I can say that the bulk of rejections I've sent thus far are due to one of three things--

1. inappropriate word count for genre.
2. Not something we represent.
3. Writing that needs more work. For help with this, check out my post on common writing mistakes.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry to discover your site a bit too late to submit. I write middle grade fantasy/Christian fantasy and I will definitely keep you on my potential agents list.

I'm wondering, though, what do you consider an appropriate length for an mg novel? Mine tend to be around 25,000 words.

Phenomenon Books said...

Hey, Rebecca-

The MG we represent run 25,000-35,000, so your word count is fine. Don't see myself taking on a MG over 40,000 unless it just knocked my socks off.