Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holy flying squirrels, Batman

Morning, my little beasties. My day is just beginning. If all goes well, I'll have the last of my subs out today, then I can start to look over a couple of manuscripts clients have rewritten.

One thing about us-- we are firm believers in helping our writers grow, learn, and turn their work into something even better than they started with. I will never understand how scam agents get away with charging fees for helping a writer edit--it's part of the job!

One of my clients, David, has a fantastic Young adult adventure, The Stromling. In it Duncan, a ten-year-old boy (with the aid of his dog, Pookie, and a merry band of giant insects) must save the layers of the world, wears a special flying suit given to him during his training. As it turns out, there REALLY is a flying suit out there that looks exactly how I imagined Duncan's would. Check it out--

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