Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Writing a query

You have your list of agents, you’ve checked it twice. Now you’re ready to write your query letter.

Line 1- This line should tell the agent why you’ve chosen them. Use the research you’ve done to show the agent you’re more than just a writer.

Paragraph 1- Start with a one sentence hook to grab the agent’s attention, then follow up with 3-5 sentences pitching your story. Stick with what’s at the heart of the story. Finally, give word count, title, and genre of your manuscript.

Paragraph 2- Use this section to tell the agent more about yourself. Are you an expert in the field you write about? Have you done well with a book previously published? Working on the next book?

Paragraph 3- Thank the agent for their time and let them know they can contact you for more material anytime.

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